iOS App for Location-Based Discovery of Past Stories



Use AdobeXD to design an iOS app in 3 hours for the prompt "Memory Box"

My contribution

Ideation, Flow, Sketches, Mockups, Prototyping

Other team members

Gayatri Gaekwad (UX Designer)


Brainstormed ideas for the prompt "Memory Box"

First, we individually brainstormed ideas for 15 minutes. Then we shared, discussed, and converged on the idea to go ahead with. Some ideas that I came up with include an app to capture family stories over multiple generations, an app to dump thoughts while meditating, an app that is a personal diary with mood-based music (also suggests remedies if it detects you are depressed).

Sketched the flow and created mockups

We narrowed on the concept of an app that allows location-based discovery of not-so-well-known but significant historic stories. These stories could be user-generated or be mapped from research data. The location we chose to demo was Auburn Avenue, a historic neighborhood in Atlanta, because we were familiar with its history.

We sketched the screen flow and created mockups based on a free UI kit .

Below are the screens that I worked on:

Then, we combined the screens in one AbodeXD file on my computer and worked together to create the clickable prototype.

At the end of 3 hours, we presented our idea and prototype to the judges and audience.