iOS app for learning cooking



Design of Educational Technologies


Design an educational technology that uses the learning theories taught in class

My role

Rapid Sketching, Wireframes, Storyboards, Interactions

Other team members

4 other classmates responsible for the theory, documentation, presentation


Collaboratively sketched app ideas as a team

I led a brainstorming session where we all sketched ideas for the app as a team. We looked at other apps like Yummly, Food Network, etc., for feature ideas and discussed what learning theories we could apply in the design.

Documented the flows and features as wireframes and presented in the class

I detailed the design ideas from our brainstorming session as wireframes, and we presented them to the class to get feedback. Below is shown the app flow along the learning theories that we applied:

After the course finished

Created storyboards to map how the user would cook with the app

After the course was finished, I developed this project further for my own practice. I created storyboards to map the user's process of cooking along with the app.

Detailed app interactions

I also detailed the app interactions in Invision and Principle. Below is the interaction showing how the user would select a recipe and start cooking:

Below is the interaction showing how the user will pause the video, if needed, in portrait and landscape (full-screen) mode: