Interactive Art Installation

Created an interactive graphic interpretation of Maya Angelou's poem,
"Still I Rise", using typography on paper



Social Justice and Design Project Studio


Choose three words from the poem " Still I Rise " and create a graphical representation of them. Constraints: Type (Helvetica or Futura), form (square), color (Black and White), and medium (paper)

My role

Individual project


4 weeks (Jan - Feb 2017)

Learning Outcomes

  • Learned how to generate a breath of ideas
  • Learned how to articulate and critique visual design decisions
  • Improved visual design skills

Design Process


Rapidly sketched 30+ different ideas on paper

I chose three works, 'Hope', 'Slave', 'Dream', and rapidly sketched out as many ideas I could think of. Then I searched online for inspiration and added some more ideas. I learned through this exercise that the first ideas are not always the best and it's important to think of multiple truly different ideas that are not just different versions of the same idea.


Digitized the complete ideas in Illustrator

Studio Critiques

Presented ideas in class and evolved designs based on the received feedback

Over a period of 3 weeks, I presented my ideas. Many were rejected and some evolved. I also realized that I was thinking in terms of visual contrasts, so I chose a different set of words that represented that contrast in intent and meaning: "Leaving behind nights of terror and fear, I rise".

Thinking out of the box

Created an interactive installation taking inspiration from paper origami

Towards the last week, I began thinking of ways I could make this interactive. I thought of using an origami form that I used to play with as a child.

It was well received by the class, but the scale of this piece was too small to do justice to the strength of the line from the poem. As I was searching for interactive art installations online, I came across this project on Pinterest. Combining both the ideas, this is what I created.

Complete Process Book